EDITH tieber

Vocation: Pilot

Passion: strategic resilience

Vision: Transfer success factors from aviation to other areas and industries

Connect: LinkedIn

As a competitive athlete, I learned to work with discipline at a young age in order to be successful. Defeats and setbacks and the ability to deliver top performance at the drop of a hat are all part of my experience. With a sports scholarship in my pocket, I went to the USA, where I studied media and communication studies and English literature. At the same time, I competed in university and professional tennis tournaments during this time.

After my return, I obtained a degree in business administration and a postgraduate diploma in applied psychology. I worked for several years as a project coordinator and later as a resource deployment and business operations manager and consultant for large international corporations (IBM, Credit Suisse).

From 2003 until the end of 2013, I worked at Flughafen Zürich AG, where I introduced company-wide project portfolio management. In 2005, I built up the Market Research department and successfully managed it and Customer Relations for eight years. In parallel, I took on various consulting mandates abroad (e.g. in Bangalore, India).

People and their many facets have always fascinated me. For me, people tip the scales when it comes to transformation processes and corporate resilience.

This was followed by further training as a certified coach and consultant focusing on the topics of stress, resilience, comeback, change and high-performance, as well as certificates at the London Business School Executive Education on the topics of "Building Strategic Resilience and Agility" and "Strategic Agility".

In 2012, my enthusiasm for flying grabbed me and so I completed the training for the private pilot license for helicopters. Since then I have been flying actively.


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