ready for departure?!

It is that very special moment before the take-off clearance, when every pilot asks himself once again whether he is really ready for take-off, i.e. "ready for departure" and whether he has really thought of everything. The destination is known - just like your corporate strategy. But are all systems really working? Is everything safely calculated, are the risks known? Are the other crew members ready? Are all parameters within the limits? What about strategic and operational resilience? Thumbs up? Great!

BUT - what about the personal resilience of the employees? Are all three areas "future ready"?

Kerstin Mumenthaler and Edith Tieber - founders of aim4success Group GmbH have been dealing with this issue for a long time and accompany companies in an advisory capacity in the successful implementation of corporate strategy and the development of sustainable transformation resilience with the help of proven models from aviation - which they themselves have internalised as pilots and use on a daily basis.


Especially in our fast-moving and complex environment, it is indispensable to regularly question the corporate strategy and adapt it to the current conditions. In short, one must remain strategically agile. Increasingly complex framework conditions and the dynamic environment often make it difficult to focus on the goals set in the strategy, to tackle them and to implement them consistently, i.e. to make decisions.

"What are we going to do and what are we not going to do" in terms of who, what and how.


In our view, the quality of these decisions is a success factor for the transformation process. Successful strategy implementation also requires that the strategy is made tangible for everyone. For this, early involvement of all management levels and especially the employees is crucial. After all, nothing helps if the employees cannot adapt accordingly. Or to put it another way, it is not the companies that change, but the people and employees that change the companies.

This sounds simple, but it is not. External help for this in the form of facilitation is a good idea.

A strategic transformation process ultimately only succeeds if the company is resilient enough to adapt to the process and the new reality, i.e. strengthens its strategic resilience (#strategicResilience). Strategic resilience - also called operational resilience - is the ability of an organisation to react in anticipation of or in response to some kind of external shock or discontinuity in the environment.

The success of a transformation process thus depends on both the implementation of the strategy and the strategic, operational and personal resilience of the company and its employees.

And it is precisely these two cornerstones that we focus on together with our clients in order to lead them to sustainable success with their company.


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