Breaking out of the box to overcome active inertia

How should companies break out of the box?

How do companies break out of the box that has them trapped into the same way of doing things?

How do companies adapt quickly and in a healthy manner to a disrupted world?

The own Industry or sector is for sure not a destiny.

In other words, we can be exposed to very similar challenges, very similar risks, very similar opportunities, but with very different outcomes.

Resources are not the biggest issue here.

Most companies have resources in place, i.e. a pool of talented and committed employees, a well thought-out product and marketing, financial resources or other assets.

But what is it that might make THE difference when a disruption occurs?

It is the companies behavior better reaction to a situation or else said – simply what the company does.

This brings us back again “active inertia” which we introduced in our last post.

Inertia in the world of physics, is the resistance of any object to any change in its state of motion, including changes in its speed and direction.

This is true of physical objects but it can also be true of organizations and as a matter of facts for individuals.

Identifying and understanding active inertia is a first step to change the way how to respond to disruptive changes. Active inertia therefore is an important element when talking about corporate resilience.

Usually Individuals or organizations which at one point are very successful. But as time passes and the world and its needs develop they miss out on asking themselves the question: “Do we anticipate, plan and act in good time?”

What allowed us to succeed in the past can be exact those factors that hold us back as we look ahead, because the world has changed. This paradox of success is also known as the winner’s curse.

Part of a company’s success are commitments - be it relationships with clients, customers, colleagues, network, partners and other stakeholders and frames like how we view the environments, processes and amongst others values.

At the same time the same commitments and frames can turn into shackles and blinkers holding us back and preventing us from moving forward.

The established processes can quickly turn into cumbersome routines. Values that inspire us and hold us together can turn into tiring dogmas.

The task we would like to give you today – look closely at your organization and identify the blinkers, shackles, routines and dogmas preventing your organization from adapting to disruption and change. What does it take to stretch the frames, loosen or break the shackles, lever the routines and revitalize the values in order to embrace disruption and change and therefore making you and your organization more resilient and agile?

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