Your wingmen for

corporate resilience

you have the power to grow wings - we have the tools to make you fly

Our mission is to fly alongside you and help you identify opportunities for improvement at strategic, operational, human, cultural and leadership levels so that you reach the right altitude to strengthen your organisation's resilience and be ready for the future.

«Companies do not change, it is the employees who change the companies.»

edith Tieber

we are your wingmen for corporate resilience

Future-proofing is the key to staying competitive and adapting to changing circumstances. We strive for high reliability in the results that matter most to YOUR success. Together with you, we identify, develop and implement the tools and systems needed for YOUR future readiness. Our aviation experts provide valuable tools and best practices to improve safety, productivity, innovation and leadership in a changing work environment.

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«If you know where you are,

you can be wherever you want to be.»

Kerstin Mumenthaler

HOW we work

We are not just observers, we are employees. We analyse the workplace culture, dynamics, design, behaviour, technology, processes, strategy and structure of your organisation. Our solutions are unique to your needs. Together we create a customised flight plan that gets you there safely and sustainably. From the big picture to the details, we are with you every step of the way.


Improved resilience of the company

Greater flexibility and innovation

Greater talent resilience, retention and engagement

Improved stakeholder relations

Competitive advantage

Greater reputation

Reduced costs and losses


Reliable and proven tools from the cockpit

International standards of business continuity management including integrated management systems

New Work

Work 4.0

Just Culture




Modular Workshops


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